The objective of the Program for the Care and Study of the Aging Heart is to advance the science of cardiovascular aging and age-related cardiovascular conditions by developing, studying, and implementing innovative patient-centered approaches to cardiovascular care. We have engaged in a number of research activities including but not limited to: observational studies examining large databases (Medicare data, REGARDS epidemiological cohort, NHANES) and prospective cohorts (HFpEF/Amyloidosis registry), to qualitative studies of patients and physicians to understand diverse perspectives of select aspects of health care delivery, and pilot clinical trials to test feasibility and preliminary effectiveness of novel interventions.

This work has been supported by extramural funding from the National Institute of Health, the American Heart Association, and multiple foundations. We have benefited greatly from a number of collaborations at Weill Cornell Medicine, across the United States, and internationally. We are also an active site for multiple ongoing, large-scale clinical trials (of both medications and devices/interventions) for patients with HFpEF and Cardiac Amyloidosis. 

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